What a future we have with the most amazing tools to help us!

Never before has humanity had such incredible tools to help us solve the many problems we have around the world. At Creator Kids we believe that every problem creates a wonderful opportunity provided we understand that creating solutions is the key.

Future government projections tell us:

  • 50% of existing jobs will not exist in 10 years
  • 40 % of jobs in Australia will require high level coding and technology understanding
  • Creativity, innovation, problem solving, business intelligence, resilience, collaboration are all key areas we need to excel in the future

We believe that kids will need to CREATE their future so we have developed a 10 STEP Entrepreneurial Model to help them develop the skills and attitudes to help them prosper in the future.

Our teacher workshops and student incursions focus on

  • Discovery and exploration of passions
  • Identifying world problems
  • Creating solutions
  • Understanding commitment
  • Building products
  • Demonstrating goal setting
  • Embracing design and digital technology
  • Incorporating coding and robotics
  • Creating strategies for resilience                 
  •  Developing an understanding of basic finance
  • Gaining experience in presenting their learning to an audience

What a fantastic experience.  Must say one of the best incursions I have been able to provide my students. I am new to STEM and have just started implementing projects in my department. This incursion has helped me to answer all my queries resetting up the tone, tuning students and exploring their passion and connecting with authentic real-world problems. Brad guided them throughout this learning journey step by step by building resilience and engaging them with new technology and thinking out of the square. He supported the kids to see the bigger picture of the actual world in future and made them believe that they all can succeed. Once again Thank you Brad. It was a great experience for myself and my students as well. If I will get another opportunity to attend another session with you will not miss it for the world.

Highly recommend this PD/incursion to all teachers. It opens up your mind and shows many different facets of teaching strategies and engaging students.”

Aneela Nawaz
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School
Head of Science


“Fantastic fast moving, thought provoking, workshop which encouraged my multi-year and ability levelled class to think critically and creatively. Brad’s ability to capture the students interest and keep them focused and engaged enabled all students to be successful.” 

Sandra Gresch

Peterborough Primary School